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Hey Crew,

I have put this thread up for surf reporters to stay in touch during the pre launch period. We will be putting out regular newsletters as well to those who have signed on to report. This will be a seperate and dedicated newsletter - not the fueldump and other general issues. If your not sure you are on the list for that shoot me a line - [email protected] and I make sure you are.

We will be getting all of the advertising support up and running in the weeks ahead also. Worth getting a banner together if you dont have one at this stage though - 468 x 60. Flash is cool but file size no more than 40K.

Some people may be contributing a surfcam as well - cool if you are. There is a seperate thread for those operators as well. (right under this one) We will cover any technical requirements as we get closer to launch.

If you have just stumbled upon this and want to be a regular forecaster / reporter for an area anywhere in the world then email me at [email protected] to become formally involved.

..Do not

Hey Adam, I would like to come onboard, just sent you an email - so I get free advertising in exchange right for my business?

Look into my eye

Absolutely, received that mate. Will get business logos etc from you in the coming weeks but have you down to cover those areas.

nice One!

..Do not

We-re back on guys. Look forward to hearing from the new reporters over the coming weeks!

-The House-

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I am in!!! I will get a banner for my little B & B going! And yes, I will gladly place a link to you in my site!! Thank you for this great op!

Not a problem Mon, looking forward to seeing some action from Ecuador!

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Hi Guys Scotty D from Beach Bum Surfaris in Noosa Heads, Queensland here.I'm still a little confused as to where to send my companys banner as part of the Surf Reporter gig...also not sure where to upload my weekly report! am I just blonde or is there others with the same issues out there????


Hey Scotty,

I figured out that you want to start a new thread with your write-up...there's a list - Surf Forecasting / Reporting Contributor Chat

But I have'nt figured out the picture posting yet...and yeah, I AM blonde!



Thanks Josh...looks like the blind leading the blind hey???? ;-)I'm sure we will all work it out and think how easy it was after the fact.



Hey Scotty,

Don't worry mate - once we get set up it will be plain me...big_smile

I just created a thread for you to post all your reports in here:

Regarding your banners and company info for the map marker, just send them hereClick Here

and we will get it up from there.

-The House-

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