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Welcome young traveller to the first in our series of choose your own surf adventures, this might journey entitled Bali, Island of The Gods.:


Throughout your journey you will be presented with a series of choices, there are many ways to reach the final ultimate success of your journey but only one true Golden Path will lead you to your ultimate destiny. Be wary of over agression, it will almost certainly spell your doom. A weak aversion for adventure will also end in failure. Be warned though that the middle of the road is not always the best option.

Your challenge if you dare to accept it is to reach the shores of mighty Uluwatu, surf the wave of your life and return home to the loving arms of your family - in one piece!

The game is free to play but prizes are only available to Silver Membership subscribers or above. Sign up here if you aren't a Silver Member before you plane touches down at Denpassar SIGN UP! when you are ready come back here and get ready to play!


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