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Welcome to Fuerteventura!

Surfing is addictive !

Endless sandy beaches, over 300 "sun(ny)days" a year, crystal clear water and world class waves make Fuerteventura belong to the best surf-destinations in Europe.Right here you?ll find the RAPA NUI SURF CAMPS, only 4 flight-hours away.Experience with us the ?endless summer? and learn to surf!You want to improve your surf level, or you are an experienced surfer to go with us to surfari. Sure that you will find the perfect spot for your surfing ability. Kilometers of sandy beaches, reef, point breaks, or lonely secret spots waiting for you to be discovered.

You can choose between our surf camps in the south of Fuerteventura or our surf hotel in "El Cotillo? in the north of the island.We from RAPA NUI have the desire to pass our passion for surfing on to you.


Rapa Nui Surfschool & CampsDaniel Senda

Post pictures or I'm not believing it big_smile

I will bend like a reed in the wind...

Likewise - screenshots or it didnt happen

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