do you have first aid training and a first aid kit

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Do you have first aid training and do you carry a decent first aid kit on your missions?Could you save a mates life?.One thing I do for every third world mission is compile a first aid kit which I am happy to leave with the head man or nurse or someone like that whenever and wherever I go!Script medicine no, but everything else is OK!

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Nice one Jaff, this is the list of things to bring to the Mentawais that I came up with along the lines of safety:

Travel Check List

Airline TicketsCash - crisp new billsCredit CardDrivers LicensePassportVisaTravel InsuranceTooth Past/Tooth BrushDeodorant (Optional)Moisturizer (Optional)Nail Clippers (Optional)ShampooSoapShaving KitMosquito Repellant with DHTMalaria Medication and other Anti biotics (optional, but suggested)Prescription MedicinePain Medication (Optional)First Aid KitHair Brush (Optional)Electricity AdaptorLaptop Computer (optional)Ipod (optional)Zip Drive - for photos - (optional)Headphones (optional)Long Sleeve Shirt (1)T-Shirts (4)Shoes (1)Sandles (1)Socks (3)Shorts (2)Pants (1)

Towel (1)Eye GlassesSunglassesWaterproof Jacket (optional)Travel BackpackMulti-Board Travel BagSnacks for Energy (optional)

Surf Related Travel ListBoard Shorts/Bathing Suit (3)Light Wetsuit Top/Rash Guard (long or short)Tropical Surf Wax (4 bars)Wax CombWaterproof SunblockSurf Hat (optional)Reef BootiesLeashes (5)Leash StringsHelmetFin Sets (4)Fin Keys (3)Surfboard(s)Snorkel Gear (Optional)Ding Repair Kit / Sun Cure

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Include cure for rampant Advertrolling cockroach bites.Efficient Trollicides for better dispersal and real posts instead of spam.

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