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Hey Scotty D, post your reports in here mate

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A wet week ahead with 2-3ft swell from the SE on the open beaches of Sunshine and Sunrise. The Points of Noosa had a couple of fun waves on the low tide across the weekend but unfortunately had crowds to match! The winds are light swinging from WSW early but moving around to the south with the rain...almost has the feel of a Cyclone swell without the swell. A Bay and Noosa groyne have had some good waves and look the pick early mornings over the next couple of days.


Nice one Scotty, have you figured the image posting yet mate?

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WOW...what a difference a couple of days makes!!!!That Cyclone conditions without the swell has changed and Noosa is going off!Waves are in the 3-5ft with some biiger stuff in the outer bays of Granite and Tea Tree, Noosa doesn't get much better than this.With the Quiky Pro on just down the road it seems most of the Pro's have stayed away at the moment and smoking waves are in abundance!Depending on fitness level you can virtually ride from Tea Tree through to Main Beach a stretch of about 1km. Enjoy....Yeeeehaaaa big_smile



..Do not

G'day guys,

Well Huey has certainly awoken over the past couple of weeks and is still pushing some very healthy size waves and conditions around the sunshine Coast and in particular the Points of Noosa.Waves within the 3-6 foot mark have been in abundance and light offshore winds in the mornings have the surf pumping.Check the beach breaks of Sunshine, Sunrise down to Coolum in the mornings and the Noosa points on the lower tides in the afternoon!If you have been in the Noosa region over the past couple of weeks and haven't got your paddling fitness never will!



Hey guys, back from 1 month surfing and organising tours in Indo...unfortunately there wasn't much to report back on but Noosa has had some pumping stuff whilst we were away!Tea Tree has a good sand build up and has been producing some nice little barrels on the low tide. With Autumn well and truly kicking in, the water is a touch cooler and air even more so, lond arm vests are the way to go...tongue


Hey Scotty, you didnt score in Indo at all?

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