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What a start to this year?s title race, we have some of the usual suspects sitting in the top ten, Taj, Mick, Parko, and Bede, probably the most consistent surfers over the past few seasons. Least of all Mr Kelly Slater who sits at the front of the pack and from this point on demands respect as a serious contender for title number ten. But perhaps almost as important and dramatic has been the start of the two surfers carrying the biggest expectations excluding Mr Slater that being Jody Smith and Dane Reynolds. Jody has come out firing and sits at number two in the world rankings with three keeper results and some of his more suited surf beaches to come, like J bay in South Africa. Dane has two great results in his best start yet and sits in a great position to strike at any point at six in the world ratings. At let?s not forget Taj who also has two great results backing up from an epic finish to last year?s title race. So there you have after round three we have all the major players within striking distance of the title, this will be without doubt the most exciting world tour ever in my view, don?t miss a thing.

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Its between Kelly or Taj at this point.

Dane Reynolds...meh...hes got a lot of growing up to do before he will be a serious contender. Look for him in 2012-2013.

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