canon 450d twin lens pack

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These are going for about %1599 AUSD at the moment. Is this worth it or are the two lenses that come with the body totaly crapolla?

Kiss My Axe

Canon twin lens deal is OK but I would suggest that you look at the Nikon D90 as it shoots video as well as SLR and for $2300 comes with a 18 to 200 lens that is beter for the traveler. If you want to stay in the $1600 range I would suggest a D60 with 18 to 200 or 18 to 250 as they are good for Tele surf shots and close up back of the boat party shots and macro for shooting that wierd insect that just bit your girlfiends arse. Be very carfull with your SLR as it will make you a target and when the scumbags see you with SLR and surfboards they will follow you till you go for a surf and get your camera from your room or were ever you hide it and they will follow you for days. Be sure you have good travel insurance and it happens in Australia too.It is worth having a pocket size camera for on the go photos so they dont see your SLR and surfboards at the same time. If your interested I have a Nikon D50 with 3 lenses, 3 UV filters, 2 bags and a tripod all less than 12 months old for the same price as the twin lens kit? contact me at [email protected] if your keen.

Thanks Bro, yeah, actually have gravitated towards Nikon in a big way after checking a few reviews. Hey really digged your bio as well mate. What were you riding sharky on, shortboard?

Kiss My Axe

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