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Aloha surfers,

Sorry to look like a spammer but I truly only mean good. This topic is meant for surfers traveling to the United States, in particular Honolulu, Hawaii. Save money, save the hassle of traveling with your board and save the chance of your board getting a FAT ding by renting a surfboard from . High end, Low end, performance, log, cruiser, nose rider or progressive you name it we've got it. I can guarantee you won't find any of our boards water logged and covered with tape or bondo. All surfboards for hire are clean, ding free and ready to hit the surf.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that all surfboards for hire include a FREE drop off and pick up service to any hotel or home on the island of Oahu. All surfboard hire rates include surfboard, leash, wax, tax and delivery/pick up.

Book your surfboard today online @

Welcome Hawaii Surfer. We make no judgements here mate and spam is such a harsh, overused word. We are here to offer services to fellow travelling surfers, you are doing just that. I wish I knew about you first time I went to Waikiki. I arrived late and the only boards left for hire with the beach boys were a couple of patched up shortboards that most 50KG, 14 year old grommets would have had problems getting up on...had to wait for the German tourists to loose their longboards at Queens and wash all the way in before I could get something decent to ride tonguetonguetonguetonguetongue

..Do not

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