electric cars

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Hey these are starting to look vaguely like cars, maybe people will be interested in buying them now

Chop Chop

You mean like this?

Is that you John Wayne?...Is this me?


Um, why a pyramid?

Is that you John Wayne?...Is this me?

Do you remember the Japanese Cartoon Astroboy by Mushi Productions and what the cars looked like in that show. We all drove Detroit and British shapes then. Now we we buy Japanese the current cars shapes are a subliminal plot to get us to buy Transformers now that we can no longer justify buying the toy ones. They have the smiling faces in the front, drive a Tamagotchi today and if I knew how to post pictures on a forum I would prove itAdvice needed for the last part

Happy old fart!

Hey Jaffa,

Your friendly administrator here! To post an image in the forums, just open a reply as standard. Check the tool bar on the top of your text box, just under the emoticons there is a line of tools starting with the Bold, Italic, Underlined symbol etc. The symbol next to that which is the little picture of a tree - hit that. It should open up a window that gives you the option to post a URL of an image. cut and paste it in there and when you preview your post the image should be embedded.

so all images need tyo be hosted on a webpage somewhere to work. Our site is optimised for firefox so if you arent seeing it, it may be a browser isuue. Let me know if you have any problems and we can get the techs to look into it.


..Do not try...do..

Thanks that will help greatly, I'm working Safari as I'm a Mac user also use Firefox so no issues other than my newness on forums Tasmile

Happy old fart!

Read a quote today that setting up a countries electric car infrastructurte is about as expensive as setting up its mobile phone system. In australia thats 10 Billion - seems like a big stretch at the moment, especially after KRudds faggoty 5% by 2020 reduction, total cop out IMO

I will bend like a reed in the wind...

Yep, good game electric car...NEXT

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

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