the weird surf writing project

9 March 2010 16:16:00 AEDT

The Weird Surf Writing Project has arisen from a single goal - to provide a quality surf writing piece of around 1,000 words to our audience each day...every day...for 365 days. We are into the first month and right on target.

Surfing stories based on fact and fiction.

Surfing stories from the past, present and even the future.

It is an experiment with the form that is 'Flash fiction' - once popular in the early 1900's, flash fiction has again come to the fore as the preferred medium for the consumption of a quick concise surf story in this age of blogs, newsletters, brimming inbox's and fleeting lunch breaks.

Tune in each day for your fix of Weird Tales From The Surf - exclusive to Surfing Atlas. You want to receive them every week? Sign up to our newsletter..FUELDUMP here.

The Future of Surf Writing is....WEIRD.

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