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surf music im slipping away from you

25 July 2008 16:16:00 AEST

How did it all start, how did it all go down. There are a few theories. What did early surfers listen to, Lounge Music? Imagine tapping away to a few disks of Herb Alpert and... Read more


the surf movie dead

19 July 2008 14:49:00 AEST

What actually happened to the Surf Film Genre? Unlike many genres which retain their timeless formula such as the western, the Surf Movie seems to be tied inextricably to the... Read more


extraplanetary surf mercury

9 July 2008 05:05:00 AEST

Is there surf on other planets? Other bodies within our solar system or beyond? The easy answer is yes, but it all depends on your definition of surf. If you are... Read more

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