surfing atlas xxl air mattress global challenge

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Lol, read this in a surfing mag somewhere - is this for real? Might did my mat out if it's true smile))

Longboarding > You

I'm in for it if it's true!

Keep us updated!!


If my friend on a 10 ft foamie tows me into a big wave, am I still eligible for all the great prizes? Or is it just paddle in?

"I have developed a very limited ability to harness the earth's energy and use it to travel at high speeds up and down a moving surface of water. Pretty cool." Unknown

There will be both a paddle in and tow in section of the competition. Due to the extreme nature of mattress paddling in surf over 20 feet, all competitors are advised to exercise extreme caution when participating in this challenge

..Do not

Can I use the foam mattress from the bed in my spare room? Or does it have to be a mattress of the air filled variety? Is there a technical spec for the air mattress? i.e. Length, volume etc as on the bigger days I prefer to break out a double, or even king size mattress for those rare XXL swells, I find it aids well with paddle speed - before it gets too water logged.

Matt Smith -

I've got the best air mattress and I've been training in my secret spot for 6 months - anybody can beat me, kids? tongue tongue



Longboarding > You


Longboarding > You

and I know why!


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