help lost car

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Anyone from Byron Bay AUS?

Just lost me 64 Mustang, Orange with a few rust patches.

A whole 20s (or share) if anyone finds it.

It's me old man's and I really need to remember where I parked the bloody thing before I can go back home from the sheila's, her parents are chucking a spaz about me smoking in her room.

Please!! Help!

"woot are u tokin aboutr"?

P.S if anyone flog it, I would come afetr ya, cuz there's no lock.

"woot are u tokin aboutr"?

Doood, Whilst your Avatar is excellent, I suspect that you may be a tool - comments?big_smile

Longboarding > You

Uh...good luck with this one dood. Let us know how it all goes tongue

..Do not

argggg bloody hard to think about come-backs when ur stoned ayyyyyyyeeeeeeeee

"woot are u tokin aboutr"?

Doood, you smoke that shit to escape from reality???


Longboarding > You

I smoke that shit cuz it helps to cleanise me mind

Bob Marley the preacher once said...

he said...

arggg forget it

"woot are u tokin aboutr"?

Dooood, I think I found your was parked in Queensland.........


Doooooood, I thought I was lame

"woot are u tokin aboutr"?


I found me veichle, thanx to the blondies who helped me out.

PS, f**k who ever puked in there, and left about 2 dozens of vb cans, at least leave some half full mate!!! ARGGGG

"woot are u tokin aboutr"?

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