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Beyond King Tides, beyond Boxing Day Tsunamis there are the TEOTWAWKI Surf spots.They are the entire eastern seaboard of the Americas, the Western Coasts of Africa and Europe for event 1 and Stellar event 1.The Pacific events cover the wetted areas where Australia the west coasts of America and the entire eastern asian coast. For event 2 and stellar event 2.Atlantic event 1, a catastrophic rupture of an island wide mega volcanic crack on the Canary Island of La Palma sends half the island into the ocean accompanied by a beyond Krakatoa style volcanic eruption creating mega waves circling outward to hit all coasts this will be much bigger than the Boxing day Tsunami and will devastate the coasts of the Americas taking out all the seaboard cities with the same effect in Europe and Africa.Stellar event 1 and 2 do the same thing by Asteroid splash down in any of the oceans.Hawaii is the source for the Pacific events number 2 with a Mega crack in the Big Island creating the same results for the Pacific. There is geological evidence of these events occurring before!For a description of a small event check out the book "Krakatoa", a good read.Ocean topography, continental shelves and local bays and inlets will transform the waves in each area. Look for the Bomboras over complete island chains mid ocean.Fear not you are more likely to see these in a hollywood epic not real life.If you do see a real one mind surf it while you can. EPIC and it will be TEOTWAWKI Surf.

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Hey Jaff, We have a surf related disaster article in the pipeline - I agree its sobering stuff. Many believe that La Palma could cause an Extinction LEvel Event (ELE) if it ever slipped into the sea. There must be some form of Selleys product that can shore it up in the meantime? big_smilebig_smile

..Do not try...do..

Araldite the Greek Goddess of Sticky Situations may help! Different boards needed than for Longinus's last surf scenarios of methane madness!smile

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Methane toothpick, lol, can I see an artists impression of that please?

Fire...Scourge of Promethius

Since 2012 is the year in which the Mayans predict the end of the world as we know it, I found a magazine that has all the predictions of the end of the world for 2012, its under title is "Special Collectors' Edition!"big_smile

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In my opinion, its sobering stuff. Many believe that La Palma could cause an Extinction LEvel Event.


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