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Hi Guys,

Wasn't sure if there may be a few others out there looking for a family surf holiday with the wife and kids. I just got back from one in Fiji - had a ball. The missus won't go back to Indo so I have been looking for an alternative. We stayed at Mana Island Resort. A 40 min boatride from Nadi and about the same distance from Wilkes Passage. Also has it's own breaks that you won't find on wannasurf as well. They work on any swell coming from the North West (Summer) and are offshore when the big SW winds are blowing and places like Namotu and Tavarua are crap. There is enough shape to the reef to bend the SW swell around to give you a 3-4 footer as well. Never more than 3 guys out. The tide window is a little fickle though. From what we observed over 10 days it is best around 2-3 hours prior to the High.

The locals call the spots Picnic Point - peak 3-4 foot (paddle from the beach)

Bird Rock - Sharky shifting reef in the channel between Manna and Castaway Island

The Edge - about 5 k's west from the Island on the outer reef. Same reef system that links up with Cloudbreak eventually. Has it's own shipwreck. 4 footer breaking into deep water / channel.

Boats are expensive though. They will charge you $150 to go to Wilkes but for every additional person they pay $50. So for three people you pay $75 a head. So save your Wilkes trip for when you know it's going to be good. The guy that runs the surf camp on the island is a local chief or something and when the guys take the boat out they have a photocopy of his credentials. This means you can surf Swimming Pools on Namotu but not Namotu left. Mana Island has places in the Tavaru lottery for surfing on Saturday during the changeover as well. Both Namotu and Tavaru were crap whilst we were there. Problem with them is that those island are so small that there isn't a lot to do if the surf is bad. Besides Namotu is booked out for at least 12 months in advance during Winter with US returning parties getting preference - despite what they will tell you.

The resort starts at about $300 per night whilst the backbackers - Mana Lodge starts at around $50. The resort is great for the wife and kids. Backpackers fine for a couple that don't mind roughing it a bit.

Personally I might try and stay somewhere south of the mainland next time and get out to Frigates. Anyone have any info or recomendations on where to stay with the family around that way?

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Nice to see you're back PJ, good call on the F one J one spots. Hideaway has its own small right hander tidal stuff! Try Nagigia but investigate thoroughly first it might be King Kong Island but nought to do with Kong himself!I'll clue you to think Vanuatu too that will really open your kids eyes! Sad news Breakas doesn't do kids but since the surf is not exclusive other resorts are just a cheap taxi or bus away!

Happy old fart!

I've been planning on a trip to Fiji. Looked a little at a company called United Surf Camps ( Does anyone have any experience with them?

All the best,Karl

Karl, welcome to the world of surfing and since you are a beginner I wish you all the pleasure i've had over many years.About Fiji, Natandola and Sigatoka are goodish beginner breaks but believe me you need to be really ready to handle anything out on the reefs.I'm a little concerned when I see the website you mentioned.They mention accessing Tavarua and Namotu other resorts can't do that except on Saturday guest turnaround day and no-one exceptthose on Tavarua can surf restaurants and it is definitely not a beginners wave, nor is Cloudbreak.The website is also vague as to where you are staying and that you have to drive to other beaches is concerning and how they break up their services, I hope I'm wrong!If they're the same company whose surf camps you are looking at in California try that first.Talk to some of your reputable American surf travel firms, there are some pretty suss deals as surf teaching schools around the world putting their names in print can be libelous Check your friends, go with word of mouth!good luck have fun

Happy old fart!

Thanks a bunch. I'm going to Fiji for a vacation for two weeks this summer, and was hoping to squeeze some surf in. Any recommendations on spots to go to?


Hi Karl again,Hideaway has a good right hander in front of the resort, it is a reef and is dependent on the tides,Sigatoka is a bus ride back to Nadi and Sigatoka river mouth has sand beaches ( a lot kinder to the body) hence the surf camp and surf schools coming there. If you want dormitory basic accommodation you could try Moni Seashell Cove they also have camp ground and stay in units they boat out to the reefs that are not under island restriction. You could try Private Joker's post and check out Mana Island they go to some of the same reefs as Momi. Plantation Island same deal, boat out be prepared to pay and see if you can go with a crew that is a similar skill level as you could find the frothers make it harder for the less skilled .Enjoy and let others know how it unfolds for you.Contrast I'm off to North Scotland, I'll have a brain scan later!smile

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Jaff, when are you going? Taking your board (s) Bisect maybe?

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Muadid, mate I fly out on 15th of this month. helped my son who's living in Austria order a new Kneeboard from Chris Diplock in Cornwall for delivery to Scotland. contacted a surf school in Moray shire in Scotland re wetsuits and boards for me, I've had several offers of loans of each.The bisect doesn't go this trip unfortunately; family wedding, so a sneak away plan is in action excuse a father and son reunion and not the island. I had found a perfect left hander last time I was in Scotland that followed the law of fives, it was December... 5ft, offshore winds 5 knots, air temp -5C, water temp 5C and add chill factor and the sleet being smacked against my anorack. Sorry SOS (Siberia's only Surfer) the thought of it bought two lumps to my throat just to get them warmer than where they would have been previously.I will report back on success and will invoke Surfing as I goI bend: like an icicle in the wind.

Happy old fart!

Just booked Tavarua for first week of August next year - restaurants here I come BOOOYEAH!!!

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Its a really great to be in Fiji..I found its a really nice place for holidays..Its a way of making your paradise dream true..If you are willing to travel off the beaten track and enjoy the unspoiled and mostly undiscovered beauty spots, then Fiji is the prefect place to travel...

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