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Shortboarders » the quadfather

Thank's to spend your time to share. This is what I (and others, I believe), really need. It's really very informative post. Please keep it up. Looking for more relevant post.

debt management | critical illness cover quote Didn't help Gary Coleman one little bit, HE DIED BROKE & BROKEN.hejkealllo?

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General Surf Discussions » this topic is a slanging match

Since nothing else is being offered except Pakistani wedding dresses on this site at the moment, I'd thought I'd get to the newest post again and smack a few more trolls, what a bunch of brainless monkeys sitting in cubicle , I mean pakistani wedding dresses, How many of us are of that demographic , surf and wish to wear a dress?

Those guys are all over on Real Surf forums the trollers here would get some relies if they can get past the banned stage.

Is there any intelligent life left, that can post.The trollers have been on this site now since Adam was a boy!Ad. the Lad, stop trying to fix a Collins and fix this leaky ship.The Advertolling is assuming Titanic proportions.Going down like the NZed cruise ship!Restore the whacking rights.Prepare to repel boarders, Advertrollers the SUPs of the forum world>big_smileForgot to mention the Pakistani wedding dress crew are talking to each other only, if successful will they spring for a guest spot at the wedding.They are also selling nightware. Osamas in pyjamasare blowing up the stairs.

Let's see what comes of this?

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General Surf Discussions » teotwawki surf spots

Since 2012 is the year in which the Mayans predict the end of the world as we know it, I found a magazine that has all the predictions of the end of the world for 2012, its under title is "Special Collectors' Edition!"big_smile

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General Surf Discussions » otway goes to taiwan

I stride over the remains of the advertrolling cube monkeys and post just what this site is designed for.Travel advice. All booked and paid for the Taiwan trip, fly into Taipei and connect immediately to an internal flight Taipei to Kaohsiung ( Cow shung) no problems there and if I book to fly straight out after the trip I could have an internal connecting flight back to Taipei but it must immediately connect to the the leaving international return flightsurprise, Boards Longboards all OK on flights especially Bisects!However since we wish to go to Taipei to see the National Place Museum with the Chinese Imperial treasures,so the return flight to Taipei is not bookable WTF????. Government policy??? Apparently again WTF ????

Problem solved by booking seats on the bullet train wheeeeee! Again boards OK.Travel agent unable to break through Chinglish language barrier and have the prebooked transport from bullet train to hotel understand that some surfboards come in a bag that is 4' 6" long not a sharp pointy thing. Abandon ideas of booking taxi hotel connection through travel agent.So Taiwan will be introduced to the airport bargaining deal.

OH well. we travel to see strange and wonderous things and behaviours.The reports will continue.I'm also told board hire is easy and cheap in Taiwan??? We shall see!

IDEA Chinese Friend writing destination signs and taxi requests in Chinese?

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General Surf Discussions » this topic is a slanging match

Since I don't have a handy Trollcrusher at the moment, I thought I'd pass comment about the Adverttrolls who have come to inhabit this site.

Trolls/cube monkeys who post but don't read the topic and post some inane platitude and seem to have command of English of an out of work Dhoti seller.

They are advertising debt recovery programs insurance and other doubtful schemes.

Any thoughtful intelligent reader of this forum would give the products so advertrolled a wide berth!

So with out further preamble let me introduce our resident trolls

Johndouglas007, debt advertiser with delusions of sales and being a secret agent, director of inane platitudes and stupid saying. Will probably follow up with a non sequitur of great insignificance.

taylorlautner hasn't posted for a while only the cockroachian shell remains on the floor to remind us of his dubious efforts,possible reincarnated as JD007 after his avatar was banned.

The name generating system is the same as porn stars, pick a first name then add a street name We can look forward to Peterstrand and Richardshambles for another.

James22blunt he was too,too blunt and not the sharpest knife in the draw, failed to make the cut!

Finally onlinecalculator, something just doesn't add up with this guy and he has been totalled!

I'm looking forward to ridiculing these guys for a little while then smack

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General Surf Discussions » otway goes to taiwan

Johndouglas007 a platitude for all occasions everywhere he doesn't understanfd the thread he's posting in he's up to 26 now and hasn't generated a single business reply.FIDIOT big_smile

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General Surf Discussions » twin fin history

Surfing is like sex! Each new generation thinks they have invented it and there was nothing before their discovery. WRONG, only some of the materials have changed!What further shocks the young crowd is that old farts are still doing it.Recommended viewing, DVD Surfing for life!

As to your wish that I keep surfing 54th year of surfing this year.big_smile

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Great Britain » scotttisssh sssssurf whiskey needed


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Shaper and Designers Corner » fin cant

Howdy Partner, some thoughts on fin cant, I'm enjoying a pair of small Bonzer fins from a quad set on my Outer Island the increased cant seems to add a better hold on steeper faces enabling better nose riding higher on the face but I also think there is some venturi effect where the bottom contours blend to the fin base the tail seems to be holding better but there is no significant tracking

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Shaper and Designers Corner » old mccoy twinfin

Add a Bonzer system to your flotilla, there is much to be gained in Fin experimentationbig_smile

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