Cellito beach

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Difficulty 5

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Break frequency 7

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252 days a year

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1.0m - 1.5m Swell

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spot author

Username: johncunno56

Date created: 06/12/2008

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general information

secluded beach break through a sub tropical rainforest. no buildings in sight just pristine pure aussie beach and a few fishermen. Consistent and solid beachbreak that offers good banks all year round.

Not too crowded and the locals are ok. Excellent lefts on clean NE swell with offshore conditions in a beautiful natural setting. Always dolphins about and the odd shark.

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Best months

March - September


Body Board, Short board, Long board

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Standard Paddle, Long Paddle


Locals, Rips

5 Day Forecast

5 day forecast not available.

Air - Sea - Swell - Wind

  • Spring suit
  • 3/2 steamer
  • 3/2 steamer
  • Spring suit



1M / F4



2M / F4



2M / F6



1M / F6

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long view from sandbar..

By: johncunno


A98f32938f73de064c31d10f441ed573 johncunno56
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Joined: 06-12-2008
Rank: Surfer
over 12 years ago
easy to get to
take the sandbar dirt road turnoff from the lakes way near smiths lake and then after 5 mins turn left at the creek towards the little golf course ,follow the road till it ends in a rustic carpark .walk thru the rainforest boardwalk to find nirvana.

F658dcac0ace18dd367c357f4a8518ab Kilgore
Spots: 6
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Joined: 21-10-2008
Rank: Explorer
over 12 years ago
Used to be at least
I checked this out once when Boomerang and Blueys were not really coming together - crappy banks. There was a SE'er up so this place was blown out. Good potential though if the banks are good. Pretty sure there was a track from the vantage point on the northern end near where the road ends.

A329549aed6ffaa683c604058948eba6 Cthulhu
Spots: 224
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Joined: 04-09-2008
Rank: Artisan Navigator
over 12 years ago
Nice One
Is the best way to get here take the road that ends on the south of the beach and walk up or hike through the northern area from the road. Is there a track?

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