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$99 Lifetime Map Marker Listing - Christmas Special

Price: AU $99

Back for Christmas! Surfing Atlas Permanent Map Markers. $99 buys you a place on Surfing Atlas...forever!

Whether you run a surf shop, a surf school, a Bed and Breakfast down the coast or any other
multitude of services of interest to traveling surfers you need to be on the Surfing Atlas maps.
Surfing Atlas is now the most popular resource for surfers planning their next expedition,
whether it be a weekend down the coast or a global odyssey. If you appear on the maps,
everyone sees you - its that simple. We drop your map marker on your location with an icon
that best represents what you do - when someone clicks on your icon your ad opens up with
full contact details, your logo and most importantly a link to your own site. Usually retailing
for $1 per day, every Christmas we open up the doors and offer lifetime sponsorship for only
$99 forever...