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Now you can take Surfing Atlas with you! The worlds finest online surf directory is now downloadable in convenient sections. Each division of the Atlas is in the process of being replicated in handy PDF documents for you to pick and choose based upon your travel plans. No more buying impossibly small guides with tiny maps, useless for navigation. Why buy an entire country guide when you only need to research and travel along a small section of coastline? Keep your guides filed for future reference and planning and then print as and when you need to take them onroad, away from the computer and beyond. Compiled by qualified navigators and experienced surfers, our guides draw from the talent of some of the most experienced surfers available in bringing you what you need to know to maximise your surfing experience. All of the division and spot numbers on the guides are nicely cross referenced with all updated information within Surfing Atlas for rapid and convenient searching. The unique online update concept and print combination offered by the Surfing Atlas range of guides is unmatched within the Surf Guide Industry and will ensure your investment in any of our guides will continue to support your surf travel in the future.