Dare devil surfers from around the globe have converged on the small Pacific island of Tahiti to ride the swell of the year at the famed Teahupoo (Cheo-poo) reef break. A handful of die hard chargers including Hawaiian Big Wave legend SHANE DORIAN, local Teahupoo specialist MANOA DROLLET (Drol-Lay) and Australian ace DYLAN LONGBOTTOM (Gold Coast) conquered monstrous 6m waves in ideal conditions. The heaving left hander which is recognised as the heaviest wave on earth, breaks over razor sharp coral reef and due to the velocity of the swells, surfers must be towed in with the assistance of Personal Water Craft (PWC). While a number of crews descended on the break, it was the local experience of DROLLET coupled with the mind blowing antics of DORIAN who dominated the session, riding the biggest and deadliest waves. The surfers are all vying for contention in the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards which recognise the biggest and most challenging waves captured on film and imagery in a 12 month period and carry a $USD 92,500 total prize pool.

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