Cyclops is the heaviest wave in OZ! And possibly #1 in the world according to koby abberton (wave stealer/claimer) Once the lip hits the water, it explodes like TNT ! It is pretty much only a bodyboarding wave, although surfers can tow in, but it is risky, but has been done before in billabong odyssey. Surfers have can't wear a leash because if they wipe out they will get dragged across the reef and will be in big trouble. If you wipe out here it is extremely dangerous.The reef is super shallow! It looks like it will be a 3-4 foot wave, and jacks up to 10 feet. There is no hospital for a 2 hr boat trip then 5 hr car drive. Also massive 8 metre+ great white sharks are in these deep waters and many lives have been lost in shark attacks off the australian coast. If you get cut up out here you are extremely lucky to not attract sharks. Crazy wave. Cyclops isn't for the faint hearted! It is featured in movement magazine, there you can see it's fury, even breaking Jackos back! If you are game enough to try to find this break to surf it, good luck ey!! Cyclops is the most hyped least surfed wave in the world. It's extremely heavy with massive amounts of water unloading on shallow reef. Cyclops is definitely Australia's heaviest wave to date. You have to take a day trip from Esperance, and get out there by boat. Esperance is 7 hours drive from Perth. So, to get out there is a trek from mainland, so you will have to take a boat, but anyway, you probably won't find it. To surf this wave you just need real big balls and to be crazy. Cyclops Bodyboarding Tension crew. rawlins winchester hughes virtue player lester white massive wave 10 ft plus


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