pakistan surf diary

11 January 2011 09:40:00 AEDT

Well I'm still stuck in Karachi but have plans to get down to Balochistan and the reef points around Ras Jaddi by the weekend. Right now theres a 13 second period swell lighting up the reefs from Iran through to North West India in the Arabian Sea and not a surfer for miles. Life in Karachi is good, I have taken to the local custom of bribing officials quite well though trying to find a lap dance club open at 3AM has proven to be a challenge.

I was quite prepared to detox on alcohol whilst here but have been suprised to find booze and sly grog so readily available. The official punishment for consuming alcohol in the Qur'an is 80 lashes with an oil soaked whip - doesent sound like a lot of fun. For western pigs like me its officially okay to indulge in hotels as long as I can prove that I am a foreigner. I wouldnt recommend the Chinese vodka smuggled in from the north however, managed to loose sensation in my fingertips after a particularly heavy dose.Over the last few days I have collected some images of everyday life in and around beautiful Karachi - see you down the coast in the water on the weekend. I'll be the white guy in a jeep with a dozen guys with machine guns and green uniforms travelling with him.

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