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The mission of Surfing Atlas is to provide a sole global resource base for surfers planning a trip, whether it is a weekend down the coast or a 12 month expedition. Surfing Atlas is by its very nature a global community forum, granting surfers, photographers, surf journalists and writers worldwide the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing evolution of surf exploration worldwide. A key focus of Surfing Atlas is that of encouraging and supporting the contribution of professional high quality surf photography truly worthy of documenting a global Atlas.

Whether it was gleamed from rare naval publications, declassified country briefs or out of print exploration briefs, much of the information herein is proudly released to the international surfing public for the first time in an effort to support and foster the pursuit that is International surf travel and exploration.

Your feedback is very important to us, we want to hear what you think about Surfing Atlas and what new features you would like us to implement in the future to enhance and support your own surfing pursuits.

A Mari usque ad Mare - From sea to sea

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