Gambia, The

Gambia, The

Northern Africa
LAST UPDATED 25/06/2008
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Level of surfing


Quality of surf


Call code


Net code





80 km


Tropical; hot, rainy season (June to November); cooler, dry season (November to May)


Very Isolated, Extreme Heat, Coup / Civil Unrest

Best Months

October - December




Dalasi (GMD) dalasi per US dollar - 28.3 (2006)

Time Zone


Special Requirements

Special Pass / Permits, Lengthy VISA Process, Non tourist Friendly


Atamari: National Assembly, The Gambia; 2005

Excellent southerly facing coastline this far north of the Antartic regions can be a mixed blessing. S-SW swell is the only energy that will reach this coastline as the horn of Senegal to the north will strip all of that energy away. With all your surfing eggs in the one swell direction basket you need to wait a long time for the energy to travel the 11000 kilometres from down south. Hence it never gets huge in The Gambia but whatever does get here is typically off superior shape and period.

Mar to September are the best, the same as it is for southern hemisphere spots that need the southerly swell to feed them. Morning offshores are the most common from March to May making this your best chance to catch some perfection. Make sure you pop your anti malarial tabs between sessions in the rainy season which goes right through the rest of the swell season until September.  A kiss from a female mosquito in these parts is one ladybug you really don’t want to catch.

what to pack

Daniel Lobo: Soccer ball; June 26, 2006

Pack light, there's no need to bring your expensive belongings to the tropics, especially considering that people are very poor over there. Going to a sunny country, which is near Ecvator, make sure you take a good sunscreen (SPF 30+), sunglasses; a good insect repellent is a must. Use an anti malaria product (before leaving home) and bring on the medicines you are used to take. Comfortable walking shoes, sandals, hat and natural fabrics (such as cotton or linen) clothes will be useful as well. Don't forget a backpack, that might be usefull if your planning to travel around or sail. If you have space in your bag, take some extra clothings you don't use anymore, your unwanted items will easily find a welcoming home and the locals will be greatfull to you.

You won't regret swimming and snorkelling gear!

It is a good idea to bring some presents for local children you might meet: coloring books and crayons, little toys and nick-nacks (like hairclips, bouncy balls, etc.), pencils. If you can afford it, leave some sports equipment, for example a new football, this will mean a lot to a community.

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