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2,389 km


Temperate marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers; occasional warm mountain (foehn) wind



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November - January




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Central European Time (UTC+1) Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Special Requirements

Limited Surfing Supplies Available


Madden: Flag of Germany, 26 September 2007

Germany is a country in Central Europe.

It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic; to the south by Austria and Switzerland; and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Germany covers 357021 kilometres squared and is influenced by temperate seasonal climate. It has the largest population of the European Union and is home to the third largest number of international migrants worldwide. 


Nikater; Bavarian Lakeside; 2006

Surf in the Baltic is a very fickle thing indeed. The body of water itself is certainly sizeable enough to have a wave generated within it but the general disposition and placement of islands and plunginf fiords manages to attentuate all but the strongest systems in the area. For any of the reefs and points around Germany to work, you really need a depression to stall in the area and just lay down some energy.

Rare points everywhere will be firing in this environment, it's just a matter of finding where is offshore and running with it. The swell window for this is really not just December to January, it's a rare event that may only happen once every two or three Decembers. Make no mistake though, any surf surrounded by coastline such as this will be a defining moment in your history of surfing experience.

where to stay

Mb1302: Old town of Nürnberg, view from Spittlertorturm, 21 December 2007

Germany provides almost all types of accommodation, including hotels, B&B's, hostels, and camping

For Hotels,, there are most international hotel chains in the major German cities and many other local hotels. All hotels are ranked by stars, which could assist when making a decision.
Prices vary significantly among the cities, and most places provide breakfast.

B&Bs provide less comfort than hotels for accommodate for budget travellers. They are cheaper and can give you more of a feel of the German way of German culture.

Hostels provide simple, budget accommodation primarily in shared rooms. They are good places to get to know other travellers.

There are numerous campsites in Germany. Some travellers even just put up their tents somewhere in the countryside. In Germany this is illegal, unless you have the landowner's permission. Practically however nobody cares as long as you are discreet, stay for one night only and take your trash with you!

what to pack

Fir0002: Canon-Deluxe Backpack-200-EG; 26 June 2005

A small backpack makes a good carryon bag and will be useful in daily life.  Women: remember to take a good flat pair of shoe's.... And for everybody: pair of comfortable walking shoes will be great for sightseeing. Beach clothing & sandals will be useful if you are going in the warm season. Try to choose classics, and items that you can mix and match. Have at least one set of nicer clothing for more formal occasions.

Definitely take along some bug repellent spray, good sunscreen and sunglasses! Better take your medicines with you (esp. anti hastamine tablets), as the brands can be unfamiliar. By the way, getting a trip medical insurance would be a good idea.

All the gear if you plan to camp: a good sleeping bag and tent that are good for very low temp; special gas container u can use for heating food and water; a sturdy backpack or a cargo pack with a good daypack. Invest in a portable water filter or at least take some puri-tabs or boil the water.

Bring plenty of memory for digital cameras and bring plenty of batteries.

Everything can be bought in Germany, but again, travelling to the remote areas, better to bring everything with you.

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