Sydney, Northern Beaches
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Sydney, Northern Beaches

New South Wales, Australia
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LAST UPDATED 22/10/2008
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Sterio: Sydney locator-MJC; 20 November 2005

The Sydney region is located in the state of New South Wales in Australia and stretches from exclusive Palm Beach in the north through to Cronulla in the South. The main city of the region is Sydney itself, which is the most populous city in Australia.

Sydney's Northern Beaches are a superb collection of beach, reef and points stretching from Manly through to Palm Beach. Sydney Harbour bisects the Northern and southern beaches quite neatly. Regional classics of the north include the super consistent stretch of Manly which incorporates the quality point break of Fairy Bower.

further north lies Dee why Point, a super consisten, super crowded right hander. Further up lies North Narrabeen; a beachbreak whose banks are constantly fueled and mophed by sand exiting the nearby lagoon. Even with a population approaching 3 million, with this many options it is still possible to score some splendid isolation on this stretch of coastline.


Kike Funnell: Avalon Beach, Sydney, NSW: Aug 2006

Centred around the coastal capital of Sydney city itself, the beaches stetch from Palm Beach in the north to the epic reefs around Cronulla in the south.

The points, reefs and beach breaks offer a wealth of potential for the surfer. The general north east lie of the NSW coasline ensures that there is always a spot nearby that will receive excellent exposure to the predominant south to south easterly swell patterns that routinely bomb the coast in winter.

Dee Why Point, North Narrabeen and Fairy Bower all regional classics.

Feel free to explore and go beyond the tourist destination of Manly, a car will make it so much easier to head north towards Palm Beach but regular busses service the Collaroy Peninsula also.

where to stay

Sydney CBD; Matt Smith/; 20.12.2005

The range of places to stay in Sydney is immense from the hustle and bustle of the CBD hostels and hotels to the more laid back affairs out-of-town along the beaches such as Avalon to the north and Cronulla to the south. Many of the major surfing beaches both along the north and south shores have a whole range of places to stay within easy walking distance of the waves - it's all really down to how much you want to spend. For example - Manly is a popular place for a surfers to be based and everything is available from a bed in a shared room at a backpackers for a few dollars right up to the much more exclusive Ocean Pacific hotel right on the beach front.

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