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LAST UPDATED 25/11/2008
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Constantine Coat of Arms

Fair Constantine, offers a very interesting northwards projecting tongue of land that captures any westerly swell moving around the Mediterranean. The window for waves here is tight. November being the peak of the Sirocco wind patterns will generate significant wind swell on the Med but in Northern Africa this also means intense sand and dust storms. Ever tried surfing in a gas mask? A few crazy marines in the middle east did it not so long ago with mixed results.

Reality is that strapped on sunglasses should do fine in all but the most severe storms. A wetsuit may be nesecarry due to sand impact - this is cutting edge stuff but isnt it all worth it in the end to get an empty wave?

Lodgings may be secured around any of the local villages on the coast. The capiatl in the region called Constantine is a little way inland and is reminiscent of a 1920's city from an Indiana Jones movie - happy endings not guaranteed however. some of this coast is still pretty ropey as far as security goes, especialy in isolated areas. finding a guide who knows the coastal areas can be tricky but hey will be worth their weight in gold.


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