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M-le-mot-dit: Location of Ruturu within Austral Islands, 14 April 2008

Protected from the ocean's fury by a small coral reef, Rurutu the "gushing rock" in the Polynesian language is the most northern island of the Austral archipelago. Between the basalt that forms the island, and the sea, a limestone belt surrounds the island with steep cliffs, bordering the old lagoon, which has now become a plateau.

The numerous caves sheltered by those cliffs, carved by erosion and embellished by amazing stalactites and stalagmites, used to be graves and are one of the many attractions of the island.

Cradle of whales, Rurutu allows the observation of those fascinating mammalsfrom July to October when they come to breed in the clear waters that surround the island. How could a diver ever forget swimming with a mother whale and her calf or hering the songs of the males trying to attract the females?

where to stay

Mohonu: NASA pictures of Rurutu, 24 February 2008

The only hotel in the Austral Islands constructed of coral stone, surrounded by untouched foliage, this little corner at the end of the world will welcome and enchant its visitors with the subtle combination of well-being and island discovery.

Small family hotels assure a wide variety of servies guided visits by 4x4, hiking or horseback riding, moutain biking or car rentals, a bar and restaurant.

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