Tuamotu-Gambier Islands
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Tuamotu-Gambier Islands

French Polynesia
LAST UPDATED 09/04/2010
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Zscout370: Flag of the Tuamotu Islands, 5 October 2006

The Tuamotu Islands are a chain of several island groups in French Polynesia. Tuamotu Islands are the largest chain of atolls in the world, spanning an area of the Pacific Ocean.


Holger Behr: Map of the Tuamotu Islands, 25 April 2007

The Tuamotu Islands have two regions; Manihi and Ragiroa.

Manihi is a ring shaped atoll with a population of about 400 locals who either work at pearl farms or the single resort. The island forms a lagoon and is a perfect place for scuba and black pearl farming.

Rangiroa is is one of the largest atolls in the world and another destination very popular with scuba.

where to stay

Frédéric Jacquot: Fakarava inner lagoon, 27 July 2005

There is one single resort in Manihi called Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, it is a luxury resort located in the remote atoll of Manihi in the northern Tuamotu Group.

what to pack

Kils: Tauchen1; 19 June 2005

As atolls of Rangiroa and Manihi are the two favorite scuba diving and snorkeling destinations, take your snorkelling gear or diving gear, if you have it.All the gear if you plan to camp: a good waterproof sleeping bag and tent; special gas container you can use for heating food and water; a sturdy backpack or a cargo pack with a good daypack. Invest in a portable water filter or at least take some puri-tabs or boil the water.

Bring along your swimmers, towels, thongs, sunscreen, goggles... anything for diving, swimming, snorkelling..

And of course, bring a camera, there're plenty of photo opportunities here to impress your mates with back home. And take a good protection for your camera from the sand.

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