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beaches from hell the 10 most dangerous waves in the world

13 January 2012 07:29:00 AEDT

Planning on taking your surfing to the 'next level' this year. In the world of 2012 there are far worse things than sharks and jellyfish to worry about.... Read more


sharks interbreeding to combat climate change

7 January 2012 20:33:00 AEDT

Can it be true? Have sharks made a pact to improve themselves through interbreeding to combat climate change? I read this a few days ago and immediately checked the... Read more


the heaviest surf breaks in australia

2 January 2012 09:38:00 AEDT

Have you made a new years resolution to 'challenge yourself' a little more in the surf this year, maybe give yourself a little scare once in a while? The reality is that you... Read more


the hotest surf trip destinations near australia

21 December 2011 17:22:00 AEDT

Okay so at the moment, Australia's 25,000 kilometres of coastline just arent enough for you and you need some time..apart. Fear not we have you covered, lets... Read more


surf spotlight on antartica

16 December 2011 07:49:00 AEDT

You just knew that job ad was too good to be true, you knew it! Self starter role, be your own manager, plenty of leave to see the countryside etc, no one told you it meant you would... Read more

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