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Surfing Atlas offers a range of membership options to cater for every personal budget and feature of the Atlas that you want to primarily use. All membership options will generate a copy of the below icons against your online profile, as you upgrade so too does your profile and you are free to upgrade at any time. Our free membership (Bronze) grants you access to the site and our forums. If you wish to contribute to the Atlas and comment online, add spots or imagery then you will need a Silver level membership or above. This level of membership is ideal for those wishing to contribute their own exploration results, to insert additional advice to that offered at all levels on the site and is perfect for photographers seeking to showcase their own online portfolio. Membership beyond Silver offers an increasing range of premium Surfing Atlas products and access to competitions and giveaways on the site. A percentage of the profits from all subscriptions go to surf related and oceanic enviromental projects around the world.

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Basic access to website and forums. Unable to add spots and images.