BLACKWATER The story of a place called Teahupo'o 2006 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival Nomination for Best Surf Documentary The 2005 Surfer Poll and Video Awards Nomination for Best Tube Ride ( Kelly Slater), Worst Wipeout ( Damien Hodgod and Shane Dorian) Surf film director Tim Bonython has spent the last two years of his life making a documentary on the worlds most incredible surfing location called TEAHUPO'O. Hawaii was always the spot that was the big wave location of the world. Then only 15 years ago - people started to venture to a destination in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Tahiti for the wave of their life,now known as the world heaviest wave. There is no doubt that Teahupo'o at the end of the road has the biggest barrel bar to be conquered by the worlds most daring surfers. BLACKWATER - is the documentary film, 2.5 years in the making/30 plus cameramen. Blackwater makes compulsive viewing.

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