Advertising Solutions

map sponsorship

Through participation in the map sponsorship scheme, you immediately generate awareness of your business by displaying your company name, logo, location, product & services brief and a link to your website on Surfing Atlas. Every instance when a surfer views your location, your business is exhibited on the selected map and is bound to attract new customers in a cost efficient manner.
Through the sponsorship of multiple locations in one area you can further enhance your business’ visibility, ensuring that both tourists and locals alike know the road to your door.

flash ad (250 x 300 pixels)

A prime advertising position for your business on the Surfing Atlas homepage and other premium high traffic locations including the user registration and contact pages.

The flash ad banner will instantaneously expose your business to the global surfing community, giving your brand a unique position at the heart of Surfing Atlas.

spotlight tile (120 x 90 pixels)

A cost-effective means of promoting your brand on Surfing Atlas. Share a prime advertising position with a select number of surfing industry and community based organisations.

Additional options for more targeted campaigns are available in the form of spotlight placement on the selected country, division, subdivision or spot of your choice.

leaderboard (468 x 60 pixels)

Your corporate identity will be viewed as the central focus of the Surfing Atlas country, division, subdivision or spot pages - whatever better suits your needs - for the duration of your sponsorship.

Locals and tourists alike will be able to click through to your website or portal of choice.

If you would like to download our media kit and pricing schedule (file size 760kb)

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